• New EP coming soon!

    Summa summa summa time.... I'm sitting in my new "office" at home during the most precious hour, the one which begins when my husband leaves to take my son to school and goes to work himself. I have the house to myself. It's quiet, it's cool, and I can just do or not do. I'm sifting through the web and thinking about ways to get the word out that I have 3 new songs in the can ready to fire. I also have a belly full of baby, 8 months along now! I guess I have a habit of releasing creations, human and otherwise, around the same time! My new EP - "Not Cool"- will be out any day. More updates to follow. In the meantime, stay cool. 

  • Spring 2014

    Hello friends! 

    Been a long time since I've updated this here post- sorry 'bout that. Been quite a year! I am now a mommy to a gorgeous baby boy- Lazlo. He is now ten months old and the best little person I ever met. I'm truly in love and so so happy. Motherhood has definitely impacted me personally and artistically. After the great fun and satisfaction of releasing "Reservoir" in Feb 2013, I've been focusing my attention inward and homeward, cultivating and nurturing the greatest creation I've ever had a hand in making (and trying my best to catch a few z's whenever I can. ;)

    I have a few pots on the stove, including a finished EP from my super fun 80's synth pop side project "Pink Salt"! Hopefully that will be coming out soon! I've also begun writing songs again with the intention of putting out a new solo record just as fast as I can. Thank you for your patience as I balance mommyhood and all the joys of being an artist. Stay tuned! 

    Hopefully you are enjoying the spring blooms, warm winds, blood moons, easter eggs, tan legs, and good times this wonderful season. 


  • RESERVOIR: update


    Spring is in the air... flowers, birds, light breezes in the canyon. I'm feeling really happy these days, watching my belly grow and grow as I'm nearly 8 months pregnant. I'm so grateful to be healthy. It's been such a creative, nurturing time: nesting and preparing my home for our new arrival mixed with creating videos and content for my other baby-the latest album RESERVOIR. I hope if you're reading this, you will give it a try. Have a listen, and why not buy it? :)  Maybe you've seen the video for "Dizzy" directed by husband, Bob's Burger's writer Steven Davis, and featuring my baby bump! It was featured on Hello Giggles!  Or perhaps you've seen the video I directed for "Lazy For You", which had it's premiere on Both are on the videos page of the site. Anyways, I'm super proud and grateful that the album has been so well received! Please continue to tell your friends about it and spread the word! 

    Much love to you all,


  • Happy New Year!


    The fresh feel of 2013 is in full effect. I love the cozy, warm, internal space that winter offers, and I couldn't be more excited for all that is coming down the pike. 

    Happy to announce that my Pledge Music Campaign was successful and that I reached my goal! THANK YOU! I am so grateful and humbled by everyone who pledged their support for the release of my new record. Now I get to work fulfilling those pledges and it's gonne be a lot of fun making jam, signing cd's and shipping t-shirts! Not to mention writing personalized songs and handwriting lyric sheets for those who opted for that! Didn't pledge yet? Guess what? The lines are still open! Check it out and pre-order your copy of RESERVOIR now! 

    Make sure to stay tuned to my Facebook fan page, cuz there is lots of cool stuff brewing in anticipation of the record coming out FEBRUARY 19th !!! 



  • Hi and Welcome!

    Hey there! Welcome to my new site. I am very excited right now for many reasons...

    1. My new album is coming out Feb. 19th! It's called RESERVOIR, was produced by Ben Lee, and has 11 brand new original songs. I can't wait for you to hear it!

    2. My Pledge Music Campaign is launching! Please click on the Pledge widget (on the screen below), enter your email, and receive a free download of a new song! You will get word when my campaign officially starts and hear all about how cool it is. 

    3. I have a new video coming out!!! It's for my song called Break Into Me, and it's rad. The single will be released at end of November! Stay tuned.

    4. It's Fall... and this is my favorite time of year. 

    Love, SAM