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  • Hi and Welcome!

    Hey there! Welcome to my new site. I am very excited right now for many reasons...

    1. My new album is coming out Feb. 19th! It's called RESERVOIR, was produced by Ben Lee, and has 11 brand new original songs. I can't wait for you to hear it!

    2. My Pledge Music Campaign is launching! Please click on the Pledge widget (on the screen below), enter your email, and receive a free download of a new song! You will get word when my campaign officially starts and hear all about how cool it is. 

    3. I have a new video coming out!!! It's for my song called Break Into Me, and it's rad. The single will be released at end of November! Stay tuned.

    4. It's Fall... and this is my favorite time of year. 

    Love, SAM