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  • Happy New Year!


    The fresh feel of 2013 is in full effect. I love the cozy, warm, internal space that winter offers, and I couldn't be more excited for all that is coming down the pike. 

    Happy to announce that my Pledge Music Campaign was successful and that I reached my goal! THANK YOU! I am so grateful and humbled by everyone who pledged their support for the release of my new record. Now I get to work fulfilling those pledges and it's gonne be a lot of fun making jam, signing cd's and shipping t-shirts! Not to mention writing personalized songs and handwriting lyric sheets for those who opted for that! Didn't pledge yet? Guess what? The lines are still open! Check it out and pre-order your copy of RESERVOIR now! 

    Make sure to stay tuned to my Facebook fan page, cuz there is lots of cool stuff brewing in anticipation of the record coming out FEBRUARY 19th !!!