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  • RESERVOIR: update


    Spring is in the air... flowers, birds, light breezes in the canyon. I'm feeling really happy these days, watching my belly grow and grow as I'm nearly 8 months pregnant. I'm so grateful to be healthy. It's been such a creative, nurturing time: nesting and preparing my home for our new arrival mixed with creating videos and content for my other baby-the latest album RESERVOIR. I hope if you're reading this, you will give it a try. Have a listen, and why not buy it? :)  Maybe you've seen the video for "Dizzy" directed by husband, Bob's Burger's writer Steven Davis, and featuring my baby bump! It was featured on Hello Giggles!  Or perhaps you've seen the video I directed for "Lazy For You", which had it's premiere on Both are on the videos page of the site. Anyways, I'm super proud and grateful that the album has been so well received! Please continue to tell your friends about it and spread the word! 

    Much love to you all,