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  • Spring 2014

    Hello friends! 

    Been a long time since I've updated this here post- sorry 'bout that. Been quite a year! I am now a mommy to a gorgeous baby boy- Lazlo. He is now ten months old and the best little person I ever met. I'm truly in love and so so happy. Motherhood has definitely impacted me personally and artistically. After the great fun and satisfaction of releasing "Reservoir" in Feb 2013, I've been focusing my attention inward and homeward, cultivating and nurturing the greatest creation I've ever had a hand in making (and trying my best to catch a few z's whenever I can. ;)

    I have a few pots on the stove, including a finished EP from my super fun 80's synth pop side project "Pink Salt"! Hopefully that will be coming out soon! I've also begun writing songs again with the intention of putting out a new solo record just as fast as I can. Thank you for your patience as I balance mommyhood and all the joys of being an artist. Stay tuned! 

    Hopefully you are enjoying the spring blooms, warm winds, blood moons, easter eggs, tan legs, and good times this wonderful season.